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Operation Immigration

by El Jugador

  1. Boy Is
  2. Time (feat. All Time High)
  3. Mini Song 1: Tig Tag-In
  4. Psycho Love
  5. The Buckfast Song
  6. Mini Song 2: Chipmunk Funk
  7. Mr Brown
  8. Wastin' Some Time
  9. Mini Song 3: The Moth Song
  10. Hey Nads
  11. Mother Nature Funk
  12. Mini Song 4: Song
  13. Crazy Brain (feat. All Time High)
  14. Kill Me Please
  15. Mini Song 5: Bay Bee
  16. My Impossible
  17. Heartattack Rap
  18. Mini Song 6: The Galleon Song
  19. Mr Crazy Insano
  20. No Reason Why
  21. Mini Song 7: Techno
  22. The Tale Of The Brick
  23. Rabbit Hat
  24. Mini Song 8: Stranger Danger (feat. Speech Therapy)
  25. Number Five
  26. Busted Lightbulbs
  27. Mini Song 9: Bullshit Conversation
  28. Scratchin' My 7inch
  29. Concept Song
  30. Muff Diving
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Released: 2002

Recorded at Planet Groucho Studios and NYB Studios.

All songs written and performed by El Jugador & Friends (inc. All Time High and Speech Therapy).

Engineered and produced by Ray McCartney.


The stand-out effort of the week is Operation Immigration by El Jugador although at 30 tracks it's more of an opus than a demo. It's an astonishingly diverse, stream of consciousness outpouring from the deeply odd mind of Sir Fred. Think Galliano meets Arab Strap at a Beck gig to form a Flaming Lips tribute band and you'll only have half of this bizarre but enchanting blend of scuzzy hip hop.

It's like listening to a great party through a wall. Prolific, ramshackle and something approaching genius at the very least a career in movie soundtracking must be an option.

- Catriona Killin, Daily Record (November 21, 2003)