Planet Groucho Records

Planet Groucho Records

Midnight Finger Painter

by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra

  1. The Half Hour Song
  2. Baby You've No Eyes
  3. Roasted Underbelly
  4. The Man Blue
  5. The Jagables
  6. Information In Formation
  7. A Swatch O' The Happenins
  8. Fire In My Fungus
  9. Liquid Kindling
  10. The Cosmic
  11. Rustle The Trees
  12. Hole In My Head
  13. Jeff Pearce
  14. Keep Your Hard Hat On
  15. She's A Little Angel
  16. Lizards On The Back Porch
  17. One Singer One Song
  18. Grow Up, Grow A Beard
  19. The Housework Blues
  20. Disco Disco Disco Theque
  21. Whimsical Wednesdays
  22. Shiny Lights
  23. The Second Slice
  24. Walking Home
  25. Rubber Eyeballs
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Released: 2006

Recorded at Planet Groucho Studios.

All songs written and performed by The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

Engineered and Produced by Ray McCartney.


"Imagine the craziness if Beck, Bjork, Mika and Flavor Flav decided to form a band and you've stepped inside the mind of The Kazoo Funk Orchestra.

Despite the Funk in the name, this isn't some awful Seventiesinfused Afro-wearing combo.

There's more hip hop, Talking Heads and Depeche Mode than Earth, Wind & Fire in the KFO.

The 25 songs that make up the Glaswegian nine-piece indie pop group last for only a minute or two and titles include A Swatch O' The Happenins, Fire In My Fungus, Roasted Underbelly and Keep Your Hard Hat On.

But there's brilliance in the bizarre: The art rock of Rustle The Trees, the Joy Division meets Kraftwerk of She's A Little Angel, the Linkin Park of Information In Formation. And are there kazoos?

Oh yes. Midnight Finger Painter is out now."

- Rick Fulton, Daily Record (March 7, 2008)